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Jiffy Lube Cars:  '56 Ford Truck,
  '56 Ford Truck II, Phaeton,
  Oil Truck

JC Whitney Cars:   Fat Fendered 40,
  32 Ford Delivery, 55 Chevy(aqua),
  55 Nomad(aqua),*New Pronto*


99 FE Chevelle (blue)

Butterfinger Mustang

Little Debbies Series 1 & 2

Mcdonalds Cars:  Street Raptor,
  Surf Boarder, Mac Tonight Nascar,
  Hot Wheels Nascar

2000 TH #1 Double Vision

1997 General Mills Designer set

Rite Aid 2 packs: Hauler with
 Land Rover or Blue Firebird

Large Haulers: Milk Duds, Tropicana,
  Jolly Rancher, Good & Plenty,
  Mcdonalds, Recycler truck,
  Telephone Repair truck

5 CAR GIFT PACKS: Camaro, California
  Dreamin', Super Show Cars, 50's
  Favorites, Rescue Squad, Emergency
  Squad, Just Trucks, Hotwheels Race
  Team, Crazy Classics, Construction
  Crew, Police Force, Classic Collection,
  *NEW*House Calls

Pro Racing Kyle Petty(#1 card)

Avon '93 Race Camaro w/pro Circuits-
(loose - mint in protector case)

95 FE's - all
96 FE's - all minus bus
97 FE's - all minus Excavator

95-97 Most all series, check for 

Have a few Cop Rods and a few 2000 FE's

email me at

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