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*** updated 5/25/00 ***

Hello everyone and welcome to my Hot Wheels page.
The picture above is a custom bus that started out 
as a white cd rom bus. The Van Halen logo was my 
idea. Check my wants and trades page for a couple 
more pics of it.  Enjoy and please sign guestbook 
before you leave. Allow page to load if you would 
like to hear "Jump" by Van Halen. 

I am currently trading my collection of 95-97 FE's
and series cars for limiteds and promos such as Jiffy
Lube, JC Whitney etc.. Send me a list of what you need
and what you have, and lets do some trading.

Hot Wheels & Other Links

Check here to see my wants and trades
Hot Wheels Pictures
Some of my collection
Good Traders List
People I have traded with
James Dunn II's Hot Wheels Stop on the Web
Good place to find limited editions
The Virtual Hot Wheels Collection
Pics of almost every Hot Wheel
Excellent site for info on LE's and promos
S.N.O.T.S Homepage
Say no to scalpers-express your opinons and much more
Mattels Hot Wheels Site
The official Mattels Hot Wheels site
Random Link Directory - Hot Wheels
Click here to add your HW site to a directory for free
First Strike Customs & Hot Wheels
They're the ones who did the Van Halen bus for me
Jons Hot Wheels Page
Nice page with classifieds section
The Sizzlers HOTLINE
Click here if you're into Sizzlers
Hot Wheels Link-O-Rama!
Links to over 300 Hot Wheels sites
J.C. Whitney
Look under Collectibles **new yellow Nomad**
Bigron's Hot Wheels Hide Out
Lots of Hot Wheels stuff here
The Official Van Halen Web Site
Check out this site if you like Van Halen

email me at
My ICQ # is 24243735


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